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NAME: Voltage

AGE: ca 17

PRONOUNS: he/him

SEXUALITY: unlabelled

SPECIES: demon...?

Voltage is, similar to Whirl, completely chalk-white. He has some fluff here and there, mainly on his head (hair basically), and a bit on his chest and elbows. His eyes are covered by danger tape, but he claims to be able to see perfectly. He has small white horns and tiny floating demon wings, the latter are able to become big at will. He also has a demon tail, and the tip looks like a triangle warning sign with an exclamation mark on it. Could maybe change to show other things, like a lightning bolt. He can be drawn with heart shaped "paw pad" markings on his palms. He can have barbed or electric wire hanging from his horns and wings. (he thinks it looks cool) Usually wearing a light yellow hoodie. Can possibly (if you ask nicely) wear pants.

He is a kind fella, trying his best to get along with life. Sometimes things just don't work out the way he thought, though, especially considering he's still learning to control his electricity powers. He's a bit of a jock. He tends to become a big brother figure to the younger people he meets, and doesn't take long to befriend people. Seems to know a lot of people at least somewhat well, like the local cashier or just some guy passing by.

Whirl hallucinated, suffering from hypothermia, that he was an angel of some sort when they first met. She still has her doubts that he is truly a demon...

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