Whirl "Whirlton"


NAME: Whirl "Whirlton" (the "last name" is a joke)

AGE: ca 15

PRONOUNS: she/her

SEXUALITY: aromantic asexual (still figuring things out)

SPECIES: axolotl/human/weird ass entity thing

AESTHETIC: dreamcore/ifuckedyourmomcore

Whirl always wears a light pink mask - and I advise you not to ask her what's under it to avoid uncomfortable silence. It changes with her expression via some strange magic, and she can also display text on it if she wants to. During intense stress or anger emotions it can start "glitching", becoming scribbly. She has darker pink gills and a big tail. Her blonde hair sticks out in tufts from behind the mask, resulting in her odd hairstyle. It's usually tied up into a ponytail at the back for convenience, but she sometimes has it down, and when she does, it reaches a bit under her shoulders. Her skin is completely milk white, although she can be drawn with pink blush accents on her fingertips, shoulders etc. Usually seen wearing hoodies, jeans and sneakers/doc martens.

Due to being part axolotl and being able to regenerate body parts, she can survive things people generally don't. She has the ability to rebuild inner organs as well. Got shot through the guts? It'll be fine, probably. Lost an arm? Easy. This is very convenient since she tends to get into bad situations now and then during her travels - which happen between not only countries, but worlds. Some entities just aren't polite.

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